Debit Card

Banking cards offer consumers more security, convenience, and control than any other payment method. The debit offers enormous flexibility, as well. These cards provide 1 factor authentication for secure payments e.g OTP. RuPay is the example of card payment systems offered by NPCI. Payment cards give people the power to purchase items in stores, on the Internet. They save both customers and merchants’ time and money, and thus enable them for ease of transaction.

How to get it

  • Provide KYC (Know Your Customer) information to open a new account
  • Apply for Debit Card
  • Get PIN

What is required for Transaction

  • PoS terminal or online payment gateway
  • Present Card physically or card details for online transaction
  • Provide OTP (One Time Password) received on registered mobile to complete online transaction for merchant website.
  • Self-service and/or Assisted mode

Precaution to be taken while using Debit Card

  1. Don’t write down your PIN number anywhere…at least not on your ATM card. Memorize it. Further, don’t disclose it to anyone, not even with the bank officials.
  2. Preferably use an ATM which is within bank premises or manned 24 hrs by a security guard.
  3. Avoid using ATMs which are in isolated places, or on the streets.
  4. Do not use the ATM where the card reader appears to be tampered with, broken, scratched, damaged, sticky with glue, has extra wiring or loose parts around the slot, difficulty in inserting the card etc. These could be signs of skimming machine having been installed.
  5. Preferably use the same ATM machine so that you are familiar with it and may notice any ‘unwanted’ changes.
  6. If there are people around, make sure that you shield your hand while entering your PIN. No one should be able to make out what numbers you are punching in.
  7. Restaurants, shopping outlets and petrol pumps are the high-risk areas where some rogue employees might swipe your card in a skimming machine when they take it way for normal billing.
  8. Register yourself for SMS alert whenever your account is accessed.
  9. Don’t throw away the ATM transaction slips until you verify the transactions in the bank statement every month.
  10. Change your PIN numbers as often as convenient.